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Free Wellness Resources

We are pleased to offer the tips, tricks, and resources below to help you and your community learn new ways to improve wellness. The educational flyers and instructional videos are free to use and share, but we always like to hear how local residents are using our wellness materials. Please contact us to share your stories and let us know what’s going on in your community. We may even be able to help with more information and resources found only in our offices.

Wellness Tips & Tricks
Wellness Videos

Free Cookbooks
Partner Resources

Wellness Tips & Tricks (Flyers)

Please download any of the flyers below on exercise and improving nutrition.

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables
Walking Tips for Beginners and Easy Stretches
10 tips to building a healthy meal
Tips for Going to the Gym
Smart Shopping for fruits and vegetables
Make Better Choices When Choosing to Eat Out
10 tips to a great plate
Myths and Facts about What You Drink

Grow Fresh, Save More, & Eat Healthy

In this wellness video series, learn how to grow vegetables and herbs on your porch, save money while grocery shopping, and bring everything together in 3 healthy recipes!

Stretching, Balance, & Strength Exercise Demonstrations

This exercise series focuses on stretching, improving balance, and increasing strength and has been designed for those with low mobility or those who may have a chronic condition. Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Free Healthy Cookbooks for Those on a Budget

Good and Cheap is a cookbook by Leanne Brown for people with very tight budgets, particularly those on SNAP/Food Stamp benefits.  Click the picture to download the free PDF. If you would prefer a hard copy, you may order it from Amazon here.

Good and Cheap Cookbook by Leanne Brown

ChooseMyPlate.gov has developed a free downloadable cookbook for those on a very tight budget. This book not only shares great affordable recipes, but also has educational information about how what you eat impacts your body and health. Click the picture do download the free PDF.

Meeting your MyPlate Goals on a Budget Cookbook

Your Partners in Wellness

Follow the links below to our partner websites, as well as sites that offer important health and wellness resources and information.

E.A.T. South – EAT South promotes the principles of food justice through education and sustainable farming.  We empower community-led programs with resources to transform our local food systems.

Family Guidance Center – Our full range of services includes counseling, parenting education, marriage enrichment, mentoring, services for business and industry, child care support services, senior services, adult day care, career development, job training and other therapeutic services for families.

Gift of Life – Since 1988, Gift of Life has partnered with pregnant women to help decrease infant mortality in the River Region with family coaching programs including: Mobile Family Coaching, Nurse-Family Partnership, and Parents and Teachers.

River Region Food Policy Council – We work to link people to information so that they can fight food related chronic disease and hunger in their own communities. Everyone has a place at our table. From parents to  policymakers, we try to bring people of all ages together to improve the region’s food system.

River Region Obesity Task Force – Nutrition information, special bulletins, upcoming events, fitness testimonials, encouragement from friends and opportunities to encourage friends are just some the features of RiverRegionObesityTaskForce.org

ChooseMyPlate.gov – Health and wellness information for the public as well as resources for providers and educators.

Always consult with a physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition regimen. The Wellness Coalition is not responsible or liable for any injury or harm sustained as a direct or indirect result of the exercises/information shared on our web, YouTube, or social media pages.