Your Corner Store Now Carries Fresh Produce!

The Wellness Coalition partnered with the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission to increase the number of convenience stores that provide healthier food options including fresh fruits and vegetables. Check below for a directory of healthy convenience stores you visit. Make sure to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables the next time you’re there!

Woman reaching into a bucket of apples at a farmers market.

Montgomery County
Lee County
Lowndes County
Macon County
Tallapoosa County

Healthy corner stores chart.

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Lee County

Lowndes County

Casey’s Store Accepts EBT!

6276 Hwy 80 E
Lowndesboro, AL 36752

Kwik Stop (Petro Plus) Accepts EBT!

101 Milner St.
Fort Deposit, AL 36032

Shopper Stop #211 (BP) Accepts EBT!

20 Hwy East
Lowndesboro, AL 36752

Macon County

The Yellow Store  Accepts EBT!

1906 Old Columbus Road
Tuskegee, AL 36083

Montgomery County

Citgo #2 Accepts EBT!

2311 W. Blvd
Montgomery, AL 36108

Holt Street Grocery Accepts EBT!

1301 South Holt St.
Montgomery,AL 36108

Kwik Shop #107 Accepts EBT!

2440 Lower Wetumpka Rd.
Montgomery, AL 36110

Kwik Shop #124 Accepts EBT!

3541 Fairground Rd.
Montgomery, AL 36110

Raceway 700 Accepts EBT!

4302 Mobile Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36108

Value Food & Gas Accepts EBT!

2710 Highland Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36107

Variety Shopping Mart Accepts EBT!

1218 Carter Hill Rd.
Montgomery, AL 36106

Tallapoosa County

Made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.