This month, CDC released new maps that highlight geographic and racial/ethnic disparities in physical inactivity in the U.S. State and territory-level estimates of physical inactivity range from 17% in Colorado to 48% in Puerto Rico. In the majority of states, non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics had a significantly higher prevalence of inactivity than non-Hispanic whites. These data show that more efforts are needed to increase physical activity to prevent and control chronic disease in the U.S.

To address this issue, CDC just announced the launch of Active People, Healthy Nation, a new initiative to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. The initiative promotes strategies that work at the state and local level and is based on a foundation of inclusion and health equity.

The Wellness Coalition joined Active People, Healthy Nation, and we invite you to do the same. Individuals, organizations, and community champions that support any of the strategies that work can join.

  • Organizations can join to help expand the effort, receive regular updates and exclusive networking opportunities, and share success stories with a broader network.
  • Champions can join and implement community changes that are supportive of physical activity.
  • Individuals can engage in physical activity and support the work through your personal networks.

By joining this initiative, we can collectively bring attention to the importance of being active, promote what works, highlight our successes, and galvanize support for physical activity nationwide.

You can also help promote Active People, Healthy Nation within your networks! Below are several sample social media messages you can use in your social media feeds to promote the launch of Active People, Healthy Nation. Additional communication resources can be found on the Active People, Healthy Nation website, including a design element and badges to use on websites, social networking sites, and blogs, fact sheets and presentations, print and digital advertisements, and other social media materials.

Sample social media posts:

  • According to new data, too many people in the US are not physically active. Inactivity differs by state, race, and ethnicity. Join CDC’s Active People, Healthy NationSM initiative to help 27 million Americans become more active by 2027: #ActivePeople
  • Join us in supporting CDC’s Active People, Healthy NationSM initiative! Together, we can help 27 million Americans become more active by 2027. Join now. Become part of the #ActivePeople movement.
  • We at [insert name of your organization here] are excited to be joining the Active People, Healthy NationSM initiative! Join now. Become part of the #ActivePeople movement!

We thank you in advance for joining this movement and helping to promote it within your networks! If you have any questions about Active People, Healthy Nation, please email