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REACH for Wellness with The Wellness Coalition

Funded by the CDC’s Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) initiative, The Wellness Coalition is working to increase access to healthy food in neighborhoods experiencing a lack of healthy food options. We are also working with local churches and community agencies to improve access to healthcare, health insurance, and prevention and management of chronic diseases. The specific programs in place to address these community issues include:


Growing your own produce can save you as much as $500 a year in food costs! The Wellness Coalition is providing local communities with information to start building their own gardens, big or small. In the spring, we are also conducting community garden training and demonstration workshops. Visit our Community Gardens page.


If your organization provides food assistance, housing assistance, counseling or other social services, the Wellness Coalition can enhance the assistance you are already providing by training your staff in a new skill: being a Community Health Worker. Community Health Workers are experts in helping people access and use the right services for their health and wellness. Visit our Community Health Workers page.


A Green Prescription is a prescription for a healthier diet and exercise with additional access to free resources for more tips and information. The Wellness Coalition is partnering with primary care providers who will offer “Green Prescriptions” to patients. Visit our Green Rx page.


The Wellness Coalition is selecting convenience stores in our target areas to increase the number of stores that provide healthier food options including fresh fruits and vegetables. Visit our Healthy Corner Stores page.


Joining a fitness center can be an intimidating process that is made even more challenging with high fees and limited access due to location. The Wellness Coalition is partnering with health and fitness centers in Montgomery, Macon and Lowndes counties to provide reduced-cost memberships for select residents. Visit our Health & Fitness Centers page.


The Wellness Coalition can train representatives of your church to teach the Living Well Alabama program! This program can be the start of or an enhancement to your health ministries, support groups, community outreach and more. Up to four representatives of your church can be trained and will be given all the tools and materials needed to teach others how to “live well” with chronic diseases. Training of your representatives can be completed in one week at no cost to you. Visit our Living Well Alabama page.

Zip codes containing target population this grant and its programs address include:

Lowndes County: Tract 7812 – 36047/36032  |  Tract 7811 – 36761/36040  |  Tract 7810 – 36040/36785/36752

Macon County: Tract 2323 – 36089/36039/36083/36031/36860  |  Tract 2316.02 – 36039/36083

Tract 2316.03 – 36075/36083  |  Tract 2315 – 36083/36866/36832/36830

Tract 2314 – 36830/36083/36804  |  Tract 2319 – 36083/36088

Montgomery: Tract 22.02 – 36105/36116  |  Tract 22.01 – 36105  |  Tract 24 – 36108/36105  |  Tract 30 – 36108

Tract 10 – 36108/36104  |  Tract 11 – 36108/36104  |  Tract 12 – 36108/36104  |  Tract 15 – 36104/36106

Tract 6 – 36104/36106/36107  |  Tract 16 – 36107/36109  |  Tract 4 – 36104/36107/36110

Tract 25 – 36109/36110/36115